5 Duck Breast Recipes Perfect for Fall

We’re obsessed with duck at D’Artagnan.  And the breast is one of the most flavorful cuts of the duck. Rich, meaty and lean (once the fat cap is removed, it’s as lean as turkey or chicken), it’s also as easy to cook as a steak, and just as quick. Versatile and adaptable to many cuisines and spices, duck breast is poultry but tastes more like red meat. Explore the four different types of D’Artagnan duck breast available at our website.

Here are five recipes for duck breast that are ideal for fall, and the perfect way to discover the many pleasures of duck for dinner. Or even lunch …

Five Spice Duck Breast

Who needs pumpkin spice when you have heady Chinese five spice? The sticky-sweet sauce is spiked with star anise and makes a wonderful complement to rich duck breast.


Duck Breast with Black Olives

Fragrant and flavorful, this recipe from cookbook author and food writer David Leite uses duck breasts in his version of this classic Portuguese dish with black olives and port wine.


Sous Vide Duck Breasts

Fall is the time we go back in the kitchen and cook again. Trying a new technique like sous vide is a fun seasonal project. Cooking duck breasts sous vide ensures evenly medium-rare results and a buttery texture. Here’s a basic recipe using our exclusive Rohan duck breasts which are perfectly portioned for one per person. You can add your favorite fresh herbs or other aromatics to the vacuum bag, if desired.


Duck Breasts with Citrus-Honey Sauce

Duck and citrus is a classic, tried and true pairing. This super easy recipe combines duck with a sweet and tangy citrus sauce that comes together quickly, perfect for a weeknight meal. It’s got all the flavor of duck a l’orange, but the convenience of searing a steak.


Double Duck Breasts with Baked Figs

Instead of roasting a whole duck at home, chef David Tanis ties together Muscovy duck breasts that have been seasoned with crushed peppercorns, allspice, and juniper berries. Sweet baked figs are the perfect accompaniment and make this an especially nice dish for early fall meals.


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