Top 3 Piggy Picks for Game Day Cooking

Tonight is the kick-off to football season, so let’s get in the mood. You know it means more opportunities to cook game-day favorites, get together with fellow fans and eat!

When your team is playing, and the gang gathers to watch, the food needs to be perfect. That takes planning ahead, and getting the best ingredients. When it comes to pork, there’s nothing that beats our Berkshire pork. Show off your kitchen skills with this flavorful pork from heritage breed hogs. Your friends will taste the difference.

Here are the top 3 piggy picks for game day, appropriate for any tailgate party or man-cave gathering.

Berkshire Pork Shoulder AKA Pork Butt

Whether you choose boneless pork shoulder or bone-in pork shoulder, our Berkshire pork is juicy and meaty, with plentiful marbling. That’s a good thing when you slow roast in the oven or the smoker – all that fat makes for meltingly tender pork.

You can marinate pork shoulder, then cook as you wish. Pork shoulder is the champion cut of the competitive barbecue circuit; smoked, shredded and slathered with sauce. Try our Cuban-style pulled pork roast, which makes great tacos or sandwiches when shredded. Or make a big pot of pork chili with our tasty recipe.


St. Louis Pork Ribs & Baby Back Ribs

Whichever one you choose, you can’t lose with our Berkshire pork ribs. Hefty St. Louis ribs make moist and exceptionally tender treats for game watchers. Get the BBQ sauce!

Oven braised in beer, left to stew in a slow cooker, or smoked on the grill, our Berkshire pork baby back ribs are a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Try this simple recipe for oven baby back ribs with sweet bourbon BBQ sauce, but be warned: you will be asked to make them every time there’s a game on.


Berkshire Pork Belly

Pork belly is where bacon comes from, as you surely know. This cut will yield all kinds of porky goodness for your party.

Marinated and roasted (go for a crispy skin), grilled or braised, rolled and stuffed, the tender, quivering slices of pork belly will make your eyes roll. And you’ll be in good company, because this 13 lb belly will serve a crowd. It’s a game changer.

Pork Belly

Overtime Bonus: Suckling Pig

We said three, right? There’s one more porky thing to consider. For those football fans truly looking to impress, a whole suckling pig will do the trick. A pig smaller than 20 pounds will generally fit in the average oven, but larger ones need the smoker, roasting box or fire pit. Plan accordingly and score a touchdown with a whole roasted pig.

Steve George Smoked Pig 7-4-11

Do you cook for game day? What are your favorites for football season? Tell us here, or on social media – we love to see food photos, too! Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tell us what’s cooking.

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