A Chef Favorite: Wagyu Beef Chuck Flap

We recently introduced Wagyu Flank Steak and Wagyu Tri-Tip, two cuts of beef previously available only to chefs. The response has been positive, so we are bringing another cut to the home cook: Wagyu Chuck Flap.

Wagyu Chuck Flap is a hard cut to come by. It’s definitely a chef’s cut, and seldom seen outside of a restaurant. Sometimes called flap steak (yes, the name is a bit unflattering), this cut is similar to skirt and flank steak.

Wagyu Chuck Flap 1Chuck flap is nicely marbled throughout, with a rich beefy flavor and not much of a fat cap. Because this is Wagyu beef, you can expect more marbling laced in the beef than with Angus chuck flap. That means more great flavor.

What’s nice is the flexibility. Treat chuck flap like bone-out short ribs by braising it, or grill it over high heat. Try it with Korean BBQ recipes, or shred it for pot roast. However you choose to cook it, you will fall in love with the rich flavor of this Wagyu beef. Be sure to cut it across the grain, to best enjoy the texture.

Wagyu Chuck Flap2

Tell us if you try this new cut. Share pictures on social media and tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We love to see what’s cooking!

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