Happy Birthday Julia Child!

Today marks what would have been the 105th birthday of Julia Child, and the woman who brought French food to America is as relevant as ever.

Here’s our blog post from the 100th anniversary of her birth, which shares Ariane’s memories of the culinary icon (and a fun photo of them together).

Read on for five signs that Julia continues to exert cultural influence even 13 years after her death. Long live Julia!


1. Julia Is Coming Back to TV

ABC is developing a new comedy-drama about the culinary legend, which imagines her called back to the CIA (she was an agent for the precursor to the CIA) at the height of her TV cooking show fame.

2. Julia’s First Home is Being Renovated

Her first home in Georgetown, is being restored after years of neglect. This small wooden Civil-War-era house is a tourist attraction, even in its dilapidated state. The architect responsible for renovations notes, “Julia is responsible for beginning this revolution in how we entertain and dwell out of the kitchens in our home.”

3. The Julia Child Award

There is an award in her name. Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer was recently given the Julia Child Award, and is the first non-chef to receive the honor. Watch his interview on CBS to learn more. Congratulations, Danny, and well deserved!

Julia Child Award 3rd Year.jpg

4. A New Julia Child Book

There’s a new book of Paul Child’s photographs, France is a Feast, coming out in October. For the first time we will see the France that Julia and Paul experienced when they moved there in 1948. France is a feast.jpg

5. Julia Child Quotes Are Everywhere

She was an individual who had a unique voice. Whether stated on TV, or written in a book, Julia’s words have a new life on social media. Immortalized as quotes and shared widely, we selected a few we found on Pinterest to share.  The cassoulet graphic is ours, and we love to share it!

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For more Julia Child fun, head to PBS and explore the webpage dedicated Julia Child.

Remember Julia by cooking one of her recipes, watching episodes of her shows, or reading these touching tributes from people who knew her well.





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  1. molaplume says:

    Bon anniversaire ma chere Julia. Merci beaucoup pour avoir eclaire un peu le cerveau de ces abrutis!

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