Say Goodbye to Summer Truffles

This day had to come. The end of summer truffle season heralds the end of summer itself. Our last shipment from Europe will come at the end of August, so if you want a summer truffle, order soon!

Summer truffles (Tuber aestivum) are usually in season from April to early September. These aromatic little delicacies are similar in appearance to black winter truffles, but with a lighter color, crunchier texture and a more delicate, somewhat floral flavor that is best enjoyed raw. Try them grated over pasta, risotto, egg or cheese dishes, or use them to finish sauces.

Explore our truffle recipes for inspiration. Click through to learn more about the different types of truffles.

Black Winter and Summer Truffles Comparison 2
Black winter truffle on the left, summer truffle on the right.

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