What’s Cooking on Instagram?

The short answer is: rabbit.

Are you following us on Instagram? We love to see what’s cooking – in both pro and home kitchens. We noticed some lovely rabbit dishes being posted by our chefs and clients, and we wanted to share them with you.

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Now, to feast your eyes on some rabbit … and if you are feeling inspired, shop rabbit at dartagnan.com.

This colorful rabbit stew is from the beautiful Instagram feed of Svitlana Flom at Art de Fête.

Artefete Rabbit
Art de Fete, photo: Svitlana Flom.

Chef John Farnsworth’s Instagram feed features lovely dishes like this classic ballotine of rabbit.

Rabbit Ballotine John Farnsworth
Photo: John Farnsworth Consulting

The photos from Convivium Osteria in Brooklyn make us very hungry. Here’s a rustic rabbit dish with an Italian accent.

Rabbit at Convivium Osteria
Photo: Convivium Osteria

Marie Viljoen, the woman behind the Brooklyn blog 66 Square Feet, recently cooked up a springtime dish of rabbit and morel mushrooms.

66SqFeet Rabbit
Photo: 66 Square Feet

A home cook shared this with us, and now we can’t stop thinking about fried rabbit.

IG Rabbit Anatchka.jpg

When was the last time you cooked rabbit? If you are feeling inspired, explore our rabbit recipes, and watch Chef Eric Ripert cook rabbit on a piece of slate in our video.

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Featured photo: Rabbit Pot de Provence, Ariane Daguin

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