Father’s Day: The Breakfast Edition

Whether you’re celebrating your father, husband, step-father or another meaningful dad in your life, what could be better that sharing the experience of cooking and eating together?

We know that food-loving dads come in all stripes, even though it seems like they get pigeonholed as grill masters or caveman steak eaters (and we love both!).

But what about the dads who don’t necessarily spend their summers grill side?

Maybe Dad is breakfast kind of guy and would prefer a lavish Father’s Day breakfast, with endless cups of hot coffee …


Breakfast with Dad

Begin the day with dad by preparing an impressive breakfast, D’Artagnan style. If he likes to cook, you can share the work and make it a joyful experience.

But if not, surprise him with a proper breakfast, complete with eggs and smoky bacon or juicy chicken sausage. For an adventurous father, try wild boar sausage, which always makes breakfast a little more interesting. Or spice things up with our recipe for Chorizo & Potato Hash with Eggs, which is a colorful start to the day.


Brunch Time

Perhaps your father is the type to have already mowed the lawn and done his errands by the time you’re ready for breakfast. This is a dad who deserves brunch, so mix up a Bloody Mary, or brew some coffee, and whip together a quiche or frittata with crumbled applewood smoked bacon or wild boar sausage inside. And let’s hold the jokes about real men and quiche for the moment. Real men deserve real food.
Dad have a sweet tooth? Treat him to something entirely new: our Maple Bacon Doughnuts.  That’s right, top home baked doughnuts with crumbles of delicious bacon on top. A happy Father’s Day indeed.


Check our other breakfast and brunch recipes to find something perfect for Dad’s taste. We’ve got all sorts of interesting egg recipes to choose from.

And if you make one of our recipes, be sure to show it off on social media. We love to applaud the cook! Post photos of your dessert successes on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so we can see, and celebrate your kitchen victories. We also love pinning! Explore our tasty boards on Pinterest.


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