It’s a Pork Party! Recipes to Love

When it’s time for summer parties – at Memorial Day weekend or the Fourth of July – we usually think of the grill. But what if you aren’t a grill outside kind of cook? Maybe your domain is the well-equipped indoor kitchen. No shame in that.

There’s plenty of party-appropriate food that can be made in the slow cooker and the oven, thank you very much. Many of them require long, slow cooking, so plan ahead and crank up the air conditioning.

Move the party outside. Set up a table and a bar in the backyard, on the patio, or rooftop garden to enjoy the experience of outdoor dining.

We find these pork recipes particularly well-suited for warm weather entertaining. Of course, when you use our Berkshire pork, or milk-fed porcelet, you start with an advantage.

Berkshire Oven Ribs with Sweet Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Who doesn’t love ribs? These tender, sweet, and sticky ribs are easy to make right in your oven. They’re cooked slow and low then glazed with a bourbon-spiked brown sugar barbecue sauce. They’re equally delicious as a main course or party food (extra napkins and juicy slaw recommended on the side).
Making this great tasting Cuban-style pork roast couldn’t be easier. Our ultra-marbled Berkshire pork shoulder gets an aromatic wet rub and slow roast for juicy meat that easily shreds with a fork. This dish is excellent over rice with plantains on the side, or in sandwiches, tacos, and salads.

Pork Shoulder Chili Verde with Potatoes

Our Berkshire pork shoulder cooks slow and low in a mixture of fresh salsa verde, roasted green chili peppers, and chicken stock in this versatile recipe. Topped with fresh cilantro and sour cream, this is a satisfying meal in a bowl.


8-Hour Porcelet Shoulder with Crackling

Here’s a pork party waiting to happen. A simple method of slow-roasting with only salt and pepper highlights the clean flavor of our milk-fed piglet. Eight full hours in a low oven makes the meat meltingly tender and a quick blast under the broiler yields a deliciously crispy crackling.

Roast Berkshire Pork Rib Rack

Berkshire pork is so flavorful and naturally moist it needs very little adornment as in this recipe for our roasted 10-rib rack. A simple rub and reverse sear ensure the heritage breed pork is the star of this special occasion roast.

Porky Side Dishes

These bacon side dishes go well with many of the recipes above. After all, bacon makes everything better, and it doesn’t end at breakfast and BLTs.

Baked Beans with Bacon & Molasses

Baked beans are a summer cookout must-have and making them yourself is well worth the time. This easy recipe yields tender beans with a sweet, smoky sauce. Bacon weave optional, but highly recommended.


Cast Iron Cornbread with Bacon

This smoky cornbread makes a great side for barbecue or chili, and is also delicious on its own with a generous slathering of honey butter.

Bacon Mac and Cheese

Is there anything so comforting as creamy mac and cheese?  Up the comfort quotient with this quick and easy recipe for stove top mac & cheese with bacon.  It will satisfy adults and kids alike, and be the hit of any party.


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