Your New Favorite Cut: Porterhouse Lamb Chops

For fans of lamb, these are the ultimate lamb chops. They are the most tender chop on a lamb and come thickly cut and bone in. How thick? A good 2 inches of pure lamb flavor. Hefty, tender and oh, so grillable, this new lamb chop is going to change your dinner plans.

The Porterhouse Lamb Chop

These 8-ounce lamb chops are the answer to porterhouse steak, and will take that place on many plates. The Porterhouse Lamb Chop will inspire culinary greatness in your kitchen and at the backyard grill.

Our goal in all we do is to provide healthy and delicious meat that comes from a clean and sustainable environment. Our domestically-raised lamb comes from the Rocky Mountain region, where our ranching cooperative provides a stress-free environment for the young sheep. The lambs are raised to the age of six to nine months, instead of the more common one year of age, resulting in a tender texture and superb flavor.

FLDLO004-1_VA1_SQ Lamb Porterhouse Chops.jpg

Cooking Porterhouse Lamb Chops

The hefty chunks of lamb are great on the grill but are also delicious with a pan-seared crust and a few minutes a 400-degree oven.

Because they are so thick, be sure to check temperature with a meat thermometer. And note that they will take a bit longer than the average lamb chop.

Lamb is best at medium-rare but cook to your preferred doneness. Season simply with salt and pepper, or rub with the herbs of your choice. Mint, rosemary, garlic, tagine spices, or other Mediterranean flavors will work well with lamb.

But with lamb this good, you want to allow the true flavor to shine.

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