Roasted Suckling Pig for Christmas

Today is National Roast Suckling Pig Day! We thought a post about suckling pig was in order…and it will give you just enough time to order your pig for Christmas.

In many northern European countries roasted pig is at the center of the traditional Christmas meal. Perhaps this goes back to Saturnalia, that ancient Roman mid-winter celebration, marked by overeating, drinking and singing (sound familiar?), and the sacrifice of a suckling pig to the gods (maybe not so much). But the roasting of a whole pig is what was passed down to us, and from Estonia to Cuba the tradition continues around the world.

Looking to be a part of this tasty tradition?  It may not be easy to find a suckling pig, depending on where you live. That’s why we offer suckling pigs in a variety of sizes on our website. The smallest pigs – 10-20 lbs – should fit in the average home oven. Anything larger will need a rotisserie, a pit, or a roasting box.


Many Latin American communities share the tradition of a roasted pig at Christmas, especially among the Cubans where lechon asado is served on Christmas Eve. A good deal of the Cubans in Miami will be roasting their pigs in la Caja China, a specialized cooking tool described in this piece on NPR. We have used this roasting box, and highly recommend it for pig roasts and all manner of meat roasting.


Pork for Dinner

Not sure about roasting a whole pig?  Go the German route, and simply roast pork for dinner on Christmas Eve. They believe that eating pork on Christmas is auspicious, and will prevent evil and promote prosperity in the coming new year. In German the saying “Wir haben Schwein” (which literally translates to “we have pig”) is an expression meaning “we have good luck.”

Select a large cut like Berkshire Pork rib rack or pork loin; or try our exclusive Milk-fed Porcelet for this special occasion meal.  Explore our pork recipes for ideas and inspiration.


If you roast a whole pig, or do a pork roast, be sure to share photos with us on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to show us the results.

Featured photo: Dain Binder, flickr.



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