Cassoulet: The Ultimate Holiday Dish

Cassoulet is a one-pot meal of beans and preserved meats, such as duck leg confit, various sausages, and cured pork. With origins in Southwest France, cassoulet is a filling and convivial dish. It goes best with a large gathering and a few bottles of red wine – so it’s perfect for the holidays.

Our signature Cassoulet Recipe Kit allows you to make this authentic French dish at home, with the optional clay cooking vessel, or in your own heavy enamel pot.

It also allows you to give the gift of cassoulet to the home cook who is always looking for the next delicious adventure in the kitchen.


The kit contains three pounds of our Tarbais Beans, which are grown in France under specific, controlled conditions, six Duck Confit legs, two packages of Duck and Armagnac Sausage, one pound of French Garlic Sausage, one pound of Ventrèche, a French-style pancetta, and containers of Duck Fat and Duck and Veal Demi-Glace. Also inside the red D’Artagnan gift box: a recipe card with tips for the first timer.

The Cassoulet Kit can be purchased with or without the signature dish, the clay cassole, that gives cassoulet its name.

Cassoulet in Cassole

The best news of all is that cassoulet can be made ahead of time (it’s actually better that way!), which means less fuss and more fun for the host. Because it is so filling, cassoulet is also a very simple meal. We advise serving nothing else but a salad with a bright citrus dressing. You won’t want to eat much more.

Making cassoulet? Be sure to share pictures of your cassoulet party with us on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use #dartagnandish too! We love to see what’s cooking.

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  1. Cheryl Wilson says:

    Oh my goodness! That looks so amazing, I just want to cry at the beauty of it. Tears of joy of course. That clay dish looks amazing! As gorgeous as this meal looks, I am salivating over those duck leg bones for bone broth. Is that bad of me?

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