5 Ways Restaurants Serve Rohan Duck

Rohan is an exclusive D’Artagnan duck, and it’s favored by many chefs for its tender rosy meat and thin skin which crisps up nicely when roasted. Read on to see a few hot spots where you can enjoy this delicacy, prepared many different ways. If you can’t get to one of them, order yourself a Rohan duck and try our easy whole roasted duck recipe at home.

Boka, Chicago

Everyone loves a roasted chicken, but have you tried a whole duck? Chef Lee Wolen at Boka in Chicago has devised the perfect meal for two: whole roasted Rohan duck. The duck is dry-aged for 21 days, which helps it deepen and mature in flavor. Roasted whole, presented to the table, then removed to the kitchen to be carved, this is a spectacular meal to share.

Whole Duck at Boka, from the Chicago Tribune review. Photo: Hugh Galdones

We’ll let Phil Vettel describe it in this excerpt from his review

There’s the Rohan duck itself, impressive in size and dry-aged for 21 days. It’s brought to the table whole before being whisked back to the kitchen for carving. When it returns, it brings friends along.There is the duck breast, cut into thick slices, each boasting crackling skin with a honey-and-salt glaze, the meat rich-tasting, insulated by a thick fat cap. Along with that are the accompaniments: sweet creamed corn, topped with shredded duck-leg confit and balanced with a bit of fermented chili; panzanella salad, with crunchy diced bread, diced tomatoes and green-olive slices, all glistening with duck-fat vinaigrette; and grilled foie-gras sausage, topped with turnip, plum and endive.

-Phil Vettel, Chicago Tribune review

Hungry yet? Here are just a few of the restaurants serving Rohan Duck across the country. Find one near you and go out for a duck dinner.

Occidental Grill, Washington, D.C.

Rohan Duck a l’Orange at Occidental Grill

Occidental Grill in Washington, D.C. is celebrating its 110th anniversary this month with a throwback menu that includes Rohan Duck à l’Orange with a star anise glaze and tangy blood orange au jus served with sauteed baby bok choy and chestnuts.

Village Green Restaurant, Ridgewood, NJ

Rohan Duck Breast with Cocoa at Village Green Restaurant

Chef Kevin Portscher at Village Green Restaurant in Ridgewood, NJ dusts Rohan Duck breast in cocoa and serves it with olive oil potato cake, celery root and blackberry gastrique.

Sycamore, Newton, MA

Rohan Duck Board at Sycamore.jpg
The Rohan platter at Sycamore

Rohan Duck at Sycamore in Newton, MA serves a Rohan Duck plate, which shows off five different things made from the whole duck. This is duck breast with chestnut puree and apple mostarda, cassoulet, duck garlic sausage and confit, duck pastrami with orange caraway glazed carrots.

Apis Restaurant, Spicewood, TX

Duck and honey at Apis Restaurant

At Apis Restaurant in Spicewood, TX, they age the Rohan Duck and slowly roast it, then serve it with grilled duck sausage seasoned with lots of dried shellfish and Chinese aromatics, endives braised in Shaoxing wine and duck stock, and a sauce with wild plums, koji and fermented Apis honey. Yes, they have their own beehives.

Have you tried Rohan Duck in a restaurant? How about at home? We love to see what’s on the table, so share photos with us on social media. Just tag @dartagnanfoods and use #DArtagnanDish on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

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