Meet the Mushrooms: Velvet Pioppini

We don’t need an excuse to celebrate the wonders of fungi, but we’ll take any chance we get. Our line of cultivated fungi is a favorite among our professional chefs, and these fresh mushrooms are sure to find their way into many of your cooking adventures.

Velvet Pioppini Mushrooms

The cultivated and organic Velvet Pioppini™ mushroom has a pretty name, which is fitting for this lovely mushroom, with long pale stems, firm texture, and dark brown, soft, velvety caps.

Pioppini mushrooms

Cooking Velvet Pioppini

Try Velvet Pioppini™ in pasta, and in your game and red meat dishes; don’t worry, this little mushroom can stand up to the flavors. Also known as the black poplar, this intensely-flavored mushroom is sturdy and well suited to stir fries and even stews. The fibrous stem benefits from wet cooking methods, so cook them with a sauce for tender results. Pair with big red wines.

Wild Mushroom Vol-au-Vents, recipe at

Explore our mushroom recipes and feel free to play – where we call for Organic Chef’s Mushroom Mix, you can substitute the mushroom of your choice.

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