Meet the Mushrooms: Velvet Pioppini

Did you know that September is National Mushroom Month? We don’t need an excuse to celebrate the wonders of fungi, but we’ll take it.  All month long, we will be talking about our friends in the mushroom kingdom. And eating plenty of mushrooms too.

We recently added several new varieties of fresh mushrooms to our offerings at  And mushrooms are 15% off all month! Already a favorite among our professional chefs, these fresh mushrooms are sure to find their way into many of your cooking adventures.

Velvet Pioppini Mushrooms

The cultivated and organic Velvet Pioppini™ mushroom has a pretty name, which is fitting for this lovely mushroom, with long pale stems, firm texture, and dark brown, soft, velvety caps.

Pioppini mushrooms

Cooking Velvet Pioppini

Try Velvet Pioppini™ in pasta, and in your game and red meat dishes; don’t worry, this little mushroom can stand up to the flavors. Also known as the black poplar, this intensely-flavored mushroom is sturdy and well suited to stir fries and even stews. The fibrous stem benefits from wet cooking methods, so cook them with a sauce for tender results. Pair with big red wines.

Wild Mushroom Vol-au-Vents, recipe at

Explore our mushroom recipes and feel free to play – where we call for Organic Chef’s Mushroom Mix, you can substitute the mushroom of your choice.

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