A Quick, Simple, Delicious Lunch

Maybe you think that a charcuterie board is the rightful place for pâté. Well, we heard from a customer who made a meal of his pâté purchase. Read on to see how Fungo, an enthusiastic home cook, enjoyed our Pheasant Terrine Herbette


Unlike most pâtés, this was meaty and not overly fatty, reminding me of a country pâté in its texture. I usually dislike pork in my terrines & pâtés because of the oily pig flavor, but this was absent in this terrine. It had a nice meaty flavor from the pheasant & not at all gamey.  A thick slice with a fresh crusty baguette, grainy mustard, cornichons, a small green salad and a glass of wine made for a quick, simple delicious lunch without feeling I had overindulged.

D’Artagnan’s shipping & packaging is excellent. It arrives on time and usually 2-3 hrs earlier than the ETA.  We were having a heat wave in CA with temperatures 99-103 degrees and everything arrived ice cold with the frozen items still frozen solid except 1 pork chop that was a bit soft along one side. Very impressive under the extreme circumstances.

Thanks for the kind words, Fungo! It’s our pleasure to serve you.

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