Eat With Your Hands

We love eating with our hands – don’t you? There are some foods you just have to eat that way, and there is no shame in it. Think of chicken wings – that’s definitely hands-only. And Mediterranean mezze with pita bread, which helps you scoop up all those little bites. There is nothing wrong with finger food; from passed canapes to hot dogs, we eat lots of things with our hands.

Today’s New York Times has a piece about our friend Chef JJ at the Cecil in Harlem, and a particular dish on his new menu called Hands Only.  They don’t even give you a fork, just a hot scented towel to wipe your fingers!

18ROTIweb-superJumbo (1)
The Hands Only dish at the Cecil, which features soft, chewy, grilled roti and nubs of rabbit sausage. Photo Credit Liz Barclay for The New York Times

The dish consists of grilled roti and D’Artagnan rabbit sausage (which is spiced with ginger), coconut sticky rice, cauliflower stewed with cinnamon, and black-eyed peas with chiles. Chef JJ calls it a “melting-pot dish” with flavors from India, Trinidad and West Africa. It’s making us hungry just looking at the photo.

Find out more about Chef JJ here, and plan your visit to Cecil soon – he changes the menu often.

What are your favorite foods to eat with your hands?

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