Top 5 Recipes for Baking with Black Truffle Butter

Everyone likes baking with butter, but when you have truffle butter in the fridge, you can take it to a whole new level. Why? Well, truffles are one of the supreme luxuries in nature and the kitchen. Earthy and intoxicating, their distinctive fragrance has inspired culinary brilliance for centuries. D’Artagnan truffle butter captures the essence of the truffle and makes it an affordable luxury that you can enjoy year-round. Our beautifully balanced black truffle butter is made with real truffle bits and will change the way you cook…and bake.

Black Truffle Parker House Rolls

Soft, squishy, golden yeast rolls are a holiday favorite but when our black truffle butter is baked right into the dough, they’re downright irresistible. But why wait for a holiday to make these tasty rolls? Dinner just got a whole lot more interesting.


Truffle Butter Gougeres

Classic gougeres are really just cheese puffs with a French accent. The light pastry dough, pâte à choux, is the same one used for sweet cream puffs or profiteroles. The thing that makes them gougeres is the addition of grated cheese. Now do we have your attention? Gourgeres are already a cocktail hour favorite, but add our black truffle butter, and they become completely irresistible.


Truffle Butter Burger Buns

Take your burger obsession to the next level.  It’s OK to admit that you’re a burger freak. You buy the best meat, you carefully choose your toppings, you’ve perfected your favorite cooking technique; why not make your own buns?! These buttery buns are dense, rich, and ever so subtly scented with black truffle. But the best part? They’re super easy to make.truffle-butter-burger-buns-recipe

Truffle Butter Shortbread

Black truffle butter, parmesan cheese, and a little flour combine to make addictively crisp and tasty shortbread with this easy recipe. These are great with charcuterie boards, cheese plates, topped with your favorite condiments, or as a nibble on their own. During the holidays, keep a chilled log of dough in the fridge and bake off right before guests arrive.


Crispy Mushroom Triangle

Umami-rich organic mushrooms and herbed crème fraîche make a delectable filling for these crowd-pleasing hors d’oeuvres. And our black truffle butter renders them crisp and golden while adding an extra dimension of flavor.


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