Meet the Chef: Nicolas Abello

At D’Artagnan we proudly work with chefs across the country, providing them with quality ingredients to express themselves in the kitchen. In our latest chef interview, we’re excited to introduce you to Nico Abello at L’Appart in NYC. Read on to learn about this amazing French chef. 

Get the Scoop on Thanksgiving Sides from Chefs

Chefs dish on their favorite sides, and whether you can even have Thanksgiving without a turkey on the table. You may be surprised at how traditional their choices of favorite sides are… and some of the alternatives they eat instead of turkey. What do you think? Do you serve a non-turkey Thanksgiving meal?

Happy Birthday, Chef Daniel Boulud!

Today is Daniel Boulud’s birthday, and we wish him many happy returns of the day. Daniel – he goes by one name, like all the greats – is a longtime friend of D’Artagnan. To read his bio, and try one of his recipes, check our website right here. Read on for a few fun facts about…

Remembering Chef Michel Richard

There are tributes pouring out to Chef Michel Richard as news of his passing on August 13th spreads. Michel was a joyful genius, full of humor and passion. The obituaries and the remembrances of those who knew him are in agreement on these points. In an industry based on hospitality and showmanship, he was gifted beyond measure. As…

Is This the Best Chicken You Can Eat?

Esteemed French Chef Antoine Westermann recently opened his first New York City restaurant.  It’s called Le Coq Rico: The Bistro of Beautiful Birds. And when you want beautiful birds, D’Artagnan is the place to find them.

Remembering Julia

Ariane Daguin and Julia Child had many things in common – height, boldness, creativity, humor and a healthy dose of irreverence. But the thing that bonded them was their passion for sharing the pleasures of French food with America. While Julia had TV audiences eating out of her hand, she took time to encourage Ariane…