Valentine’s Day at Home: Dessert

We are definitely known for the savory things in life.  Bacon? We’ll come running. But when there’s chocolate with bacon in it, we’re running even faster.  If you feel the same way, and want something a bit unconventional for your Valentine’s Day dessert, have a look at these recipes.

Bacon brittle is our go-to for holiday gifts. This sweet and savory combination is delightful to munch on any time, but you can serve it with vanilla ice cream for an unexpected twist on dessert.


Running with the theme, how about these duck fat caramels? Yes, this is candy for carnivores.  Silky duck fat imparts a wonderful texture and mouth feel.


Duck fat is a versatile ingredient. These biscochitos, a take on a classic from the American Southwest, have great but simple flavor. We suggest cutting them in a heart shape for the occasion.


And in the cookie department we love these oatmeal cookies. Too dull for a special meal? Oh, we beg to differ. With bacon, apples and pecans, these cookies pack a seriously delicious surprise.


And finally, our favorite of all time: truffle ice cream. Adapted from David Lebowitz, this screams Valentine’s Day dessert. Plan ahead, as this recipe takes a little time. But, oh, is it ever worth it. You are not likely to find this flavor at the grocery store. Definitely a special occasion dessert.


And if you wind up curled on the couch watching a movie together, keep the theme going with this truffle popcorn. It’s an addictive and slightly decadent way to pop your corn. Fitting for the close of a lovely evening.


Happy Valentine’s Day to you!



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