Grilling with Dad

The grill is primed and ready for action and dad prides himself on his skills … now it’s up to you to provide the pizzazz that makes this more than just another cookout.

Why not roast a suckling pig for Father’s Day? Nothing says “serious party” like a suckling pig cooked outdoors. Whether you spit-roast the pig over an open fire, grill it over hot coals, or cook it in a roasting box, you’ll have a feast of super-tender meat and extra crispy skin.


And for an unorthodox and luxurious recipe, try foie gras on the grill—hey, Father’s Day comes but once a year. To grill foie gras, you have to move fast. Get our foie gras cubes, season well with salt and pepper, and skewer them. Grill to rare over hot charcoal for 30-45 seconds only. Watch carefully for melting fat and flareups! Serve the charred foie gras cubes with fig jam on bread, just as you would with seared foie gras.

Foie gras slices on grill.jpg
Full slices of foie gras on the grill at a D’Artagnan farm picnic.

Dad not that adventurous? Here are a few easy recipes that offer a variation on the standard grill fare. Try one of them for a tasty Father’s Day, whether he likes it spicy or mild.

Spicy Lamb Burger Sliders

Our recipe says use a grill pan, but the occasion demands a charcoal grill outdoors. For these Moroccan-spiced lamb sliders, we combine our merguez sausage and ground lamb then top with grilled halloumi cheese and a harissa yogurt sauce. They’re perfect for a party.


Adding coffee to spice rubs and chilis is an old trick which brings smoky, complex flavor to the dish. You can use our recipe for black coffee barbeque sauce for any meat on the grill, from pork chops to buffalo.

Coffee-Rubbed Pork Chops

And speaking of coffee …. bitter ground coffee, paprika and salt help create a charred crust for meaty, bone-in pork chops in this recipe by BBQ legend Ray Lampe. It’s a crowd-pleaser for sure.


Grilled Buffalo Ribeye Steak with Smoky Onions & Roquefort

Why make steak when you could make buffalo steak? Full-flavored buffalo ribeyes need little embellishment. Here, we topped them with caramelized onions and creamy bleu cheese for a sweet and salty kick.


Peri-Peri Grilled Baby Chicken

Not just another grilled chicken, our juicy, mild poussin is the perfect vehicle for spicy peri-peri marinade in this easy recipe. Garlic, lemon, oregano, and fresh chilis come together for big flavor pay-off. The marinade is equally delicious on our air-chilled organic chicken or even rabbit, just scale up as needed.


Tell us what’s grilling at your place for Father’s Day. Post photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest and tag @dartagnanfoods so we can applaud your efforts.


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