12 Chicken Recipes So Good You’ll Want to Make Them All

Cooking at home is one of the most comforting activities. In stressful times, we encourage you to enjoy the soothing rituals of the kitchen. The happy results can be a roasted chicken, pot pie, Buffalo drumsticks, tender braised chicken thighs – whichever recipe you choose, a home-cooked meal will make your day. 

No Regrets: 3 Easy & Cheesy Comfort Food Recipes to Make Today

We call it comfort food for a reason. When you need to eat something that satisfies more than just your hunger, turn to one of our creamy recipes below. They are each easy to make and feature cheese prominently. There’s also plenty of truffle butter … because that’s how we roll. We recommend keeping a 1 pound…

8 of Our Favorite French Comfort Food Recipes

With all the duck fat, cheese, cream, butter, and bread, French cuisine is a treasure trove of comfort food recipes. Thick sauces, satisfying stews, and long braises, not to mention potatoes, all have a place in the comfort food hall of fame. Read on for eight comforting classics that are easy to master and perfect for winter cooking projects.