Make Your Biggest and Best Burgers Ever

Burgers are a constant favorite – and not just during grilling season. On burger night, when you want a big, juicy burger, turn to our all-natural Angus patties – the latest addition to our beef offerings at

At 1-inch thick and 4.2 inches in diameter, our Angus beef burgers are generously crafted to fill the bun. The coarse grind – 80% from lean chuck shoulder meat and 20% from fat – holds moisture and flavor as the beef cooks – no matter how you prepare them.

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Our nicely proportioned burgers come 4 to a pack.

How Do You Cook Burgers?

There are many ways to cook a burger – on the grill, in a cast iron pan, sous vide, or on a griddle. No matter which method you choose, there are a few simple rules to ensure the best results.

The first rule is: don’t touch it! Once you’ve gently placed your patty on the cooking surface leave it alone so the meat has time to develop the crust. If you try to turn it too early the burger will stick to the surface – or fall apart. The secret is to flip the burger the second it releases from the surface.

Next, turn the patty only once and never press on the patty with the spatula. Pressing will force juices out, resulting in a dry burger.

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Finally, don’t poke or cut into the burger to check for doneness. Piercing the crust before the meat has rested will result in all of the delicious juices running out. There will be residual cooking even after you’ve removed it from the heat – so let your burgers rest as you would a steak.

Looking for something new to do with burgers? Explore our many burger recipes and our range of beef options at for inspiration.

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