Remembering André Daguin

Our hearts are heavy at D’Artagnan … because André Daguin, the father of our founder, Ariane, has passed away at the age of 84. Known around the world for promoting the cuisine of Gascony – if you enjoy seared duck breast, you can thank him – André was a man of great character, strength, creativity, and loyalty. And to those of us at D’Artagnan, he was family.

We share Ariane’s words …

My father, André Daguin, passed away peacefully, holding my mother’s hand.

He was a true Gascon musketeer: proud of his achievements and boasting about them. He played all his life like a rugby man, leader of men, always promoting his culture and his roots; creating La Ronde des Mousquetaires with his friends – local chefs – to entice their clients to discover more of the region and its points of interest. He tirelessly fought for the economic development of Gers, and for his fellow chefs and restaurateurs as the head of their syndicate to defend their rights.

My father is also the first one who served magret as a duck steak, who used liquid nitrogen to make ice cream, way before molecular cuisine, and who used foie gras as a condiment to enhance all kinds of dishes.

He led a good full life, enjoyed every moment of it, and most of all, took pride in what he loved best: feeding people happy.

To understand André’s culinary influence, read the beautiful tribute in the NY Times.

Andre Daguin NY Times Obit.jpg

For those who like history, this 1971 NY Times article by Robert Daley, A Meaty Whodunit: Grilling of Magret, explains the mystery and thrill of eating Andre’s “duck steak” for the first time. Today, we take the seared duck breast for granted, but it was not always so. Or read about André’s world travels as he spread the gospel of Gascony in The Washington Post article from 1983 – including a recipe for his pepper cookies.

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There’s a Gascon saying; “Heaven is too high and earth is too low – only the table is at the right level.” Now André has a place at the chef’s table in heaven. May he rest there in peace, and in good company with the other greats. We will miss him.

Francis Giacobetti, Cène de chefs, 1979 – Paul Bocuse at the center, Andre Daguin standing,  middle right.


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    please accept my condolences, Adriane.
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