Everything You Need to Know About Making Garbure – With a Video

Garbure is a hearty rustic soup beloved throughout Gascony, that combines slow-cooked vegetables of all kinds and savory preserved meats like duck confit, ham, and salt-cured ventrèche. This is French country cooking at its best: deeply nourishing and satisfying. Watch Ariane make garbure with her daughter Alix and learn more about this tasty tradition.

Remembering André Daguin

Our hearts are heavy at D’Artagnan … because André Daguin, the father of our founder, Ariane, has passed away at the age of 84. Known around the world for promoting the cuisine of Gascony – if you enjoy seared duck breast, you can thank him – André was a man of great character, strength, creativity, and loyalty. And to those of us at D’Artagnan, he was family.

This is Why You Should Visit Gascony

A recent article in Architectural Digest gives us 9 good reasons to visit Gascony, France, where Ariane grew up. Read on and start booking your flight!

Bottoms Up! Discover the Wines of Southwest France

The little-known wines from our favorite region of France (the Southwest, of course!) are starting to get attention. Will Southwest wines be the next big thing? The affordable prices, interesting and exciting flavors, and long history of producing wine should be reason enough to seek them out. It’s been our little secret – but we…

French Lessons with Ariane & Alix

Traditional Home did a wonderful piece with Ariane and her daughter Alix a few years ago. It was recently made available on their website, so we thought it would be a nice Throwback Thursday post. For the article, Ariane and Alix cooked a typical Gascon Sunday meal at home, to show how the traditions continue…

Gascony: The Most Delicious Part of France

In a recent New York Times article, David McAninch asks the question “Is Gascony the most delicious part of France?” To which Ariane answers, “Of course it is!” For Gascon food is richer than the sunny cuisine of Provence. It is unabashedly, defiantly rich. Duck fat, not olive oil, is the local currency. Everything gets cooked…

Support Lupiac, the Birthplace of D’Artagnan

Lupiac is home to a new equestrian statue of our hero D’Artagnan. Help this little town in Southwest France raise enough money to beautify their central square where the statue resides. Click through to the campaign and scroll past the French for the English language version … and then contribute to this good cause. Your…

How to Make Chabrot

A  message from Ariane … Faire chabrot… it’s a rustic tradition from rural France that continues to this day in the Southwest, my region.  It’s an expression of conviviality and continuity, of simple pleasures at the table. So what is chabrot? It’s a fun way to finish a bowl of soup. When in Gascony, it…

Armchair Traveler: Gascony

We love Michael Ruhlman’s writing, whether it’s in a cookbook, his blog or even twitter. But this article in the July issue of Conde Nast Traveler about his culinary pilgrimage to Gascony is enough to make the stomach rumble. It’s possible that we are a little biased; Ariane is quoted in the article, and of…

Cassoulet 101

Perhaps there is no dish in Southwest France more iconic, cherished, and controversial than the cassoulet. The name cassoulet comes from the word cassole, referring to the traditional, conical clay pot in which it is cooked (and which the potters of the village of Issel perfected).