This is Why You Should Visit Gascony

Now is a good time to plan your summer travel and we have a destination you should consider: Gascony. This is the region of Southwest France that Ariane, the owner of D’Artagnan, comes from, and it offers many attractions. Architectural Digest recently talked with Ariane for their article about Gascony. Read on for the details, and start dreaming of great food, abundant wine, and sunshine. France is calling!

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Everything we do at D’Artagnan – including the inspiration for the name itself – goes back to Ariane’s deep roots in Southwest France.

When she came to the U.S. as a student, Ariane quickly realized the food was not the same as back home in Gascony. She founded D’Artagnan to recreate the cuisine and quality typical of her area, and Americans have enjoyed those Gascon flavors – most grown here in the U.S. – since 1985.

Read 9 Reasons Why Architecture-Lovers Should Visit Gascony, France in Architectural Digest to discover this special corner of France.

If you’re in Auch on a Thursday or Saturday, walk down the nearby Escalier Monumental, a 234-step baroque staircase, and across the River Gers to visit the market. This is your first taste, literally, of Gascony, a region famous for hearty dishes like cassoulet, foie gras, and duck. (It is perhaps not surprising that an Auch native, Ariane Daguin, founder of D’Artagnan foods, introduced the U.S. to most of these delicacies.)

SW Trip 1997 Hotel de France
A photo from Ariane’s archive. Hotel de France in Auch, when her father Andre Daguin was still chef/owner. 

We have discussed the many merits of Gascony on the blog before. If you are curious to learn more, begin your adventure with these links.

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Ariane, Father, D'Artagnan Statue
Ariane and her father Andre Daguin at the D’Artagnan statue in their hometown of Auch.

Have you been to Gascony? Tell us about your experience in the comments. If not, would you put this region on your travel wish list?

Featured photo of Escalier Monumental d’Auch by JohnSeb. 

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