Your Best-Bet Picnic Foods That Are Not Sandwiches

Looking for ways to enjoy the lazy days of summer? Pack a picnic and find a park or a mountain view and eat a casual meal outdoors. Whether you are planning a picnic date for two or a larger family affair, we’ve got tasty inspirations to make your outing a success.

Our picks are all perfect when served at room temperature, and they travel well. Good to consider when packing your meal. Instead, focus on keeping your wine or beer chilled for the duration.

Tapas Travel Well

Get inspired by Spanish tapas and pack lots of little bites to share with friends. Start with our tortilla recipe flecked with chorizo sausage. Let it cool completely before packing it, and serve it at room temperature.

Bring olives, Marcona almonds, a generous wedge of Manchego cheese and mix a batch of fruity sangria to make it a party.

This thick Spanish tortilla travels well, is satisfying, and delicious at room temperature.

Charcuterie Was Made for Picnics

Perhaps the easiest picnic spread is inspired by the French. A simple charcuterie platter with the bold flavors of smoked or cured meats will strike a casual, yet elegant tone. Here are a few key items to pack in your basket.

  • The salty punch of Jambon de Bayonne, our French prosciutto, is a must for any charcuterie platter. Pairs well with fruit and melon.
  • Include Dry-Cured Saucisson Sec, a French salami that will give your spread a peppery kick.
  • For an insanely addictive spread, try Duck Rillettes, which are equally tasty on bread, crackers or endive.
  • Keep it simple. Get 3 terrines in our French Pâté Sampler. Then all you need to do is bring the spreaders.
  • Truffle butter is a treat that goes nicely with saucisson sec.

Round out your meal with any soft creamy French cheese, a baguette or two, and a bottle of chilled French rosé wine. Little cornichons add a nice tart note. Be sure to bring a sharp knife and small cutting board to slice the saucisson.

Duck rillettes – best when at room temperature.

What is your perfect picnic? Where would it be, and what would you pack? Connect with us on social media to share your cooking adventures. Tag @dartagnanfoods on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Featured photo by Lucie Capkova on Unsplash.

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