5 Father’s Day Gifts for the Man Who Grills Everything

Grillers gonna grill, and if there’s a dad in your life that rules the grates, there’s just one thing to give him on Father’s Day: something to put on the grill. But not just something – give him an extra-special cut of meat that will elevate his cooking game.

That’s where D’Artagnan fits into your plans. We’ve got the steaks, chops, and more that dad needs to make a stellar meal on Father’s Day, beginning with our 5 favorites picks for the grill below.

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1. Angus Boneless Ribeye Steak

Everyone loves a ribeye steak, right? Give dad a 4-pack of steak perfection with our succulent ribeyes, then sit back and watch him do his thing. You simply cannot go wrong with ribeye.

Buy Angus beef ribeye steak for the true-blue steak-and-potatoes father who knows what he likes.

The timeless appeal of a grilled ribeye makes this steak the perfect gift.

2. Berkshire Pork Porterhouse Chops

If papa likes pork, this one is for him. An unusual cut that is a chef favorite, the porterhouse is thick, impressive, and grill ready. What the T-bone steak is to beef, the porterhouse chop is to pork.

Buy Berkshire porterhouse pork chops for the quality-obsessed dad who likes heritage breed meats.

Berkshire Pork Porterhouse Chops
Berkshire-breed pork makes these porterhouse chops even better.

3. Porcelet Collar

Speaking of pork … there’s nothing quite like porcelet. Unfamiliar with the term? You are not alone; it’s a rarity to find it in the USA. Milk-fed piglet is a European tradition that our partner farmers in Canada have recreated with tasty and tender results. Give the dad who has tried it all an unusual and hard-to-find cut of pork, and it’ll be a Father’s Day to remember.

Buy porcelet collar for the father who likes to be the first to try something new.

Porcelet Collar.jpg
Porcelet collar is a little-known cut – it can be braised, grilled, or roasted.

4. Venison Double-Cut Rib Chops

Whether dad is a hunter, or just really good at hunting rare ingredients at the market, he will be surprised at the delicacy and tenderness of our venison. Not at all gamey, this extraordinarily-fine red meat offers something different for grilling aficionados.

Buy venison rib chops for the adventurous eater with a taste for the good stuff.

DSC_0272 Venison Double Chops.jpg
Double cut ribs are great for grilling – keep them rare in the center for best results.

5. Wagyu Filet Mignon

The special-occasion steak just got even more special. Give dad four of these Wagyu beef filet mignon steaks and watch his eyes widen. These will get the best treatment over the coals, and maybe you’ll be invited to enjoy a steak along with dad. Not that he needs it, but we have a recipe for grilling these beauties.

Buy Wagyu filet mignon for the dad who likes fine dining.

KITCC078-1-V2 Wagu Filet Mignon 4
Wagyu makes the tenderloin steak even more tender – and ideal for quick grilling.

Don’t see the perfect gift here? Explore our steaks and chops, gift boxes, or customer favorites for many more delicious options. And if you have a hard time making a decision, just give a gift certificate which comes with the pleasure of shopping our whole catalog on site.

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