A Sous Vide Recipe: Wild Boar Schweinebraten

Our friends at ChefSteps go hog wild with this recipe. They tapped game expert David Draper for some recipes using the Joule sous vide machine. This one – based on a German-style roast – is perfect for a winter’s eve. Start with our wild boar shoulder, already rolled and tied, and follow the easy steps.

Wild hogs have a bad rap as table fare. Truth is, feral pigs are flavorful but can run a little lean since they’re constantly foraging for feed. But a liability for traditional cooking techniques is an opportunity for Joule. Cooked sous vide, with a traditional marinade of Austrian beer and mustard, this wild boar comes out tender, juicy, and incredibly tasty.

Get the full recipe at ChefSteps, where you can also purchase your own shiny Joule.

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Sear the roast before the sous vide for added depth of flavor.


The beer, mustard and spices from the sous vide bag are cooked down with starch to make a rich, glossy sauce.


Are you a sous vider? If not, check our post to learn more about this culinary technique.

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