Heirloom Flavor: Cooking with Tarbais Beans

What’s so special about Tarbais beans?

Brought from the New World, the Haricot Tarbais flourished at the foot of the Pyrénées in Southwest France, and its cultivation secrets were passed down from generation to generation. Today the farmers that carry the tradition forward produce beautiful white heirloom beans of outstanding quality.

These distinctly French beans are grown in small numbers with controlled, regulated and laborious processes. They were the first beans to be granted the “Label Rouge” and IGP status (Indication of Protected Geographical Origin. tarbais_beans_TALearn more about the history of these beans in our blog post.

The ultra-creamy beans are the quintessential ingredient in cassoulet – but the delicate taste, thin skin and low starch content of the Tarbais bean make it a useful bean for many other dishes as well.

No matter the season or occasion, Tarbais beans are a welcome addition to any table. Dip in for some ideas of how to enjoy these extraordinary beans.

Tarbais Bean Tips & Ideas

  • For a spicy, easy sausage dinner, we like to grill lamb merguez sausage and serve atop wilted spinach, Tarbais beans and a light mustard dressing. For an extra kick, stir some harissa into the dressing.
  • Try our ground buffalo chili with Tarbais beans for a unique texture and flavor.
  • Tarbais beans pair well with pork, so our recipe for porkchops with beans and escarole is a natural fit, and will likely become a go-to meal in your kitchen.
  • Creamy Tarbais beans make a delightful dip; add herbs and spices of your choice, or see our recipe with black truffles below.
  • Purée them with black truffle butter, and place atop a crostini.
  • Tarbais beans make a great cold salad, topped with duck bacon as in the featured photo.
  • Think hummus, but use Tarbais beans. Purée them with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and parsley to and serve the dip with homemade oregano pita chips.

Here are a few recipes to get you started enjoying these beans.

White Bean & Duck Sausage Soup with Gruyere Toasts

With flavorful duck & Armagnac sausage, creamy Tarbais beans, hearty greens, and loads of garlic, this rustic soup will warm your belly with the flavors of Southwest France.


Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili

Our white chicken chili is light yet intensely satisfying and has just the right amount of heat. Try our chicken leg confit for a shortcut. The best part? Your slow cooker does most of the work.


White Bean Dip with Black Truffles

The basic white bean dip made better. Serve this creamy, truffle-studded dip with your favorite raw veggies, crackers or toasted baguette.


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