Good News from 2017: There are Fewer Antibiotics in Meat

We like to celebrate the victories – however small – in the food revolution. In early December a report from the Food and Drug Administration announced something unprecedented. For the very first time in its history of tracking antibiotics in animals used for food, fewer drugs were sold. Sales of medically important antibiotics declined by 14% from 2015 to 2016. So this good news is really from 2016, but the FDA only released the information this month.


D’Artagnan products have always been free of antibiotics, and we have preached the gospel since our founding in 1985. It’s gratifying to see change happen as consumers become more aware and concerned, and the FDA more carefully monitors the use of antibiotics.

The overuse of antibiotics in our food animals has created a very real health risks to humans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2 million people in the United States contract antibiotic-resistant infections each year, and 23,000 people die from them.

Read the NPR coverage to learn more about the details, and know that when you choose D’Artagnan products you are supporting farms that raise animals in healthy, humane conditions, and do not use antibiotics. Ever.


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