Italian-Style Charcuterie: Wagyu Beef Bresaola

Bresaola [breˈzaːola] is an Italian-style charcuterie made with beef; it is simply dry cured with a spice rub. We begin with high-quality Wagyu beef eye-round, and follow the time-honored techniques for preparing bresaola. We don’t use nitrates or nitrites in this bresaola, so all you get is clean, Wagyu beef flavor.

The incomparable marbling of our American Waygu beef makes this unlike any other bresaola, with intense flavor and a soft and creamy texture. Lightly flavored with tart, lemony sumac to balance its concentrated beefy taste and buttery mouthfeel, the deep, ruby-red color makes for an appetizing presentation in antipasto, salads, and carpaccio.

Wagyy Beef Bresaola.jpg

Slice as thinly as possible (a meat slicer is helpful here), and hold the nearly transparent segments up to the light to see the traces of that signature Wagyu beef marbling. The deep-red, almost purple, color brings to mind Malbec wine or intensely-colored autumn leaves.

Bresaola is almost like beef jerky, in that it is air dried, and offers satisfying, concentrated beef flavor. But unlike jerky, Bresaola makes a great addition to charcuterie boards and can be eaten out of hand, with a glass of wine or craft beer. Pair it with Manchego cheese and arugula, dress lightly with olive oil and lemon.

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