Try the Chicken at Rooster in The Woodlands, TX

logoCock-a-doodle-do! Fielding’s Rooster has just opened at The Woodlands in Houston, and is getting positive reviews for its chicken. That chicken is not rooster, as the name suggests, but D’Artagnan Amish chicken, served many ways: fried, rubbed with peri peri and roasted on a rotisserie, and served on a waffle. But it doesn’t stop there. Explore the Rooster dinner menu here.

We are proud and excited to supply this new restaurant with their signature item: naturally delicious chicken. We wish the entire team a huge success!

Albert Nurick recently reviewed the new restaurant for, and loved the chicken. Read his review for more photos and details.

Rooster Instagram

Check the fresh Yelp reviews, all from the past few days during the soft opening. Yes, this is a brand new restaurant, and everyone is eager to try the new chicken-focused menu.

Rooster - Rotisserie
Rooster rotisserie. photo: Albert Nurick to

For those in the area, go see what founder Cary Attar and Chef Edel Goncalves have cooked up. It looks like a great dinner spot, with outstanding cocktails. Plus all the delicious D’Artagnan chicken you can to eat.

Let us know if you eat at Rooster – and share photos of the meal with us on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods and @fieldingsrooster on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Did you know? D’Artagnan has an office and warehouse in Houston. We are working diligently to bring great food to the best restaurants across the nation, and now serve Texas and surrounding states from that warehouse.

Featured image: Peri peri roasted chicken, photo by Albert Nurick. 




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  1. Daniel E Conner says:

    Can I get one of those rotisserie

  2. GEEKOFIA says:

    Looking yummy

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