Food Tank Talks with Ariane About Green Circle Chicken

Our Green Circle Chicken recently caught the attention of Food Tank, The Think Tank for Food. Their discussion with Ariane explores the Green Circle Chicken program, the farmers who raise them, and the chefs who serve them. Read the interview here.

Each week, D’Artagnan’s Green Circle Chickens consume more than three pickup truck loads of vegetable scraps which would otherwise be wasted. The result of a collaboration between D’Artagnan and restaurants, commercial chefs, and local farmers markets, the chicken is intended to provide a solution to food industry waste—reminiscent of olden days “when chickens lived on vegetable scraps and roamed freely around farmyards and pasturelands.”

Green Circle ChickenSome of our chef clients in New York City participated in the fledgling program (described in the interview), by donating kitchen scraps to the farms. Daniel Boulud was among those pioneers, and he enjoyed cooking some of the very first birds from the program.

Daniel Demo with Chicken
Daniel Boulud cooking Green Circle Chicken at the Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

For more about the Green Circle Chicken, read about Mike Rowe filming an episode of his TV show Somebody’s Gotta Do It with Ariane and the chickens right here in our blog post.

Whole Green Circle Chicken is available exclusively at

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  1. Nanette Jackson says:

    After watching Mike Rowe’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It. I have been ordering Green Circle Chicken and everything that D’Artagnan sells is just top of the line. I have never in my life tasted chicken like this. It speaks for itself. Just try it once and you will be hooked like I was. Thank you Mike Rowe for introducing us to this wonderful product.

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