Memorial Day Recipes for the Grill

If you’re dusting off the grill for Memorial Day, you may want some fresh recipes to try for the beginning of cookout season. Hey, we’re big fans of the burger, but some occasions deserve a more elevated menu.

If the guests at your Memorial Day party are more demanding, you can certainly please them with one of these decidedly different recipes. For the culinarily-inclined, go for the gold with our grilled porchetta, made with succulent milk-fed pork. Our recipes for lamb rack and buffalo steaks make good alternatives to beef on the grill.  And why grill chicken when you can grill poussin?

Here are five fantastic recipes that will make you a grilling legend this summer …

Peri-Peri Grilled Baby Chicken

Juicy, mild poussin is the perfect vehicle for spicy peri-peri marinade in this easy recipe. Garlic, lemon, oregano, and fresh chilis come together for big flavor pay-off. The marinade is equally delicious on our air-chilled organic chicken or even rabbit, just scale up as needed.


Coffee-Rubbed Pork Chops

Coffee is not just for brewing. The rich flavor is a great add-in to spice rubs, especially when your meat is destined for the grill. In this recipe from Ray Lampe, bitter ground coffee, paprika and salt help create a charred crust for meaty, bone-in pork chops. Choose one of our juicy Berkshire pork chops for this recipe.


Grilled Porcelet Porchetta with Gremolata

Yes, porchetta can be made on a grill! In this recipe we highlight three different methods for cooking this beautiful pork dish alfresco. A citrus gremolata adds bright, fresh flavor to our succulent milk-fed porcelet. It takes some patience, but this dish is definitely worth it.


Grilled Rack of Lamb with Fresh Herbs

Go ahead and grill that rack of lamb. This simple recipe from Pim Techamuanvivit involves making a brush with rosemary sprigs to baste butter and oil over a rack of lamb as it grills. It will take about 45 minutes to cook the lamb to perfectly pink and rare inside, so grab a glass of wine to enjoy while doing this.


Grilled Buffalo Ribeye Steak with Smoky Onions & Roquefort

Of course, you can always grill steaks, but switch buffalo for beef. Full-flavored buffalo ribeyes need little embellishment. Here, we topped them with caramelized onions and creamy bleu cheese for a sweet and salty kick.


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