May is National Burger Month!

We are a nation obsessed with burgers, so it seems fitting to dedicate an entire month to celebrating this noble sandwich. With Memorial Day marking the start of grilling season, it’s the right time to get obsessed with burgers.

Our Ultimate Wagyu, Foie Gras & Truffle Burger

All month we will share new burger recipes each week as they are posted at … and other meaty burger matters will be discussed.

A Short History of the Hamburger

Where did the burger come from anyway? While ground meat patties have been enjoyed throughout history, from ancient Egypt on to the present day, we can give credit to the Germans with naming the “Hamburg steak.” and spreading it to the world. Aren’t you glad they did?

National Geographic History of the HamburgerWatch a 2-minute clip about the history of the burger.

According to Theodora Fitzgibbon in her book The Food of the Western World – An Encyclopedia of Food from North American and Europe:

They originated on the German Hamburg-Amerika line boats, which brought emigrants to America in the 1850s. There was at that time a famous Hamburg beef which was salted and sometimes slightly smoked, and therefore ideal for keeping on a long sea voyage.  As it was hard, it was minced and sometimes stretched with soaked breadcrumbs and chopped onion.  It was  popular with the Jewish emigrants, who continued to make Hamburg steaks, as the patties were then called, with fresh meat when they settled in the U.S.

Follow along all month and celebrate with us! We would love to hear your burger stories and recipes, too.

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