Go Mad for Mushrooms: 4 Morel Recipes for Spring

Spring is when morel season begins, which means we are looking for ways to eat these delightful mushrooms at every meal.

In Italian, there is a wonderful word: scorpacciata, which means eating large amounts of a particular thing in season. Think of tomatoes at the end of the summer—there are too many to eat, which is why everyone preserves them.

So it is with wild mushrooms. When they first come into season, the chefs scramble to be the first with morels on the menu. Since we only have them a few months in spring, morels are devoured with eagerness and excitement. Suddenly, morels are everywhere!

And here are four morel recipes that are worth trying with your mushrooms this spring.

Stuffed Morel Mushrooms

Creamy polenta makes a delicious stuffing for fresh morels in this easy recipe. For best results, choose mushrooms that are large, plump, and firm.


Morels in Cream

As simple as it gets. Morels and cream are an eternal classic. The mushrooms have the perfect honeycomb texture for soaking up decadent cream. Enjoy this sauce over puffed pastry or toast, or even pasta.


Roast Chicken with Bacon & Morels

This simple roast chicken hits all the right flavor notes and is a great recipe to transition from winter into spring as fresh morels become available. Serve with mashed potatoes or polenta and salad greens with a zippy vinaigrette for a complete meal.


Creamy Orzo with Bacon, Fava Beans, & Morels

This satisfying recipe comes together quickly and makes a great side dish for lamb, pork, chicken, or veal. Applewood smoked bacon complements our favorite spring produce, fresh fava beans and morel mushrooms, while lemon zest and black truffle butter add layers of flavor.

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