How to Cook Your Easter Ham

Looking for tips on making your Easter ham? Read on for ham recipes and simple tips to achieve a glorious holiday ham.

Heritage-Breed Smoked Ham

Our fully-cooked and ready-to-heat ham is handcrafted from antibiotic-free, heritage-breed pork, smoked over real applewood and seasoned with just the right touch of brown sugar and salt. Since it’s already fully cooked, this ham can be served cold, at room temperature or heated, with or without glaze.


Here are the quick steps to roasting and glazing the perfect ham.

How to Cook a Ham

  1. To heat, first bring the ham up to room temperature. We recommend removing it from the fridge at least an hour before you plan on heating it.
  2. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Place the ham fat-side-up in a heavy-bottomed roasting pan. Place a sheet of parchment paper over the ham then cover tightly with aluminum foil.
  3. Heat in the oven until the internal temperature reaches about 140 degrees. An oven-safe probe thermometer works well – poke it into the thickest part of the ham without touching the bone.
  4. Heating time will vary depending on your oven, etc. Remove the ham from the oven and allow it to rest for a few minutes, tented with foil. As long as you keep your eye on it, this is a safe way to heat the ham without drying it out.

Put a Glaze On It

For added flavor and moisture protection, you can always apply a glaze. All you need to create a perfect glaze is a simple mixture of one part soy sauce to one part honey.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. A balanced glaze will contain a sweet element like honey, brown sugar, apricot preserves or pure maple syrup, and a savory or acidic element such as mustard, soy sauce, vinegar or even your favorite Bourbon.

Here are a few recipes for glazes and preparations.

Smoked Ham with Apricot-Ginger Glaze

Fresh ginger and a dash of cider vinegar cut through the sweetness of apricot jam in this easy holiday ham recipe. This works equally well with our Boneless Heritage Ham, simply adjust cooking time for the smaller roast.


Maple-Glazed Heritage Ham

A simple glaze of maple syrup and mustard gives our Applewood Smoked Heritage Ham a delectable, sweet crust and seals in moisture when heating.


Spiced Orange Glazed Ham

The beauty of serving a “city ham” for the holidays, like our Applewood Smoked Heritage Ham, is most of the work has been done for you. All that’s left to do is heat it through and dress it up with a delicious glaze like this one which combines sweet-tart marmalade and warm winter spices. If using our petite boneless ham, simply cut the glaze recipe and heating time in half.


To learn more about our heritage ham, and see how much Bon Appétit loves it, read our earlier blog post.

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