New Brisket: Wagyu Beef

We’ve been meaning to talk to you about brisket. And it seems appropriate to do it now, with Passover on the immediate horizon. Fork-tender brisket is a favorite at the Jewish holiday table. And our new Wagyu beef brisket is just right for a special occasion.

Wagyu Brisket Top View
Wagyu beef brisket now available at

This popular cut comes from the breast of a fore quarter of beef, and consists of both brisket muscles; the flat and the point.

The flat is, well, flat, and that’s the cut that usually finds its way into deli sandwiches. Whether corned or smoked, the lean flat meat can be cut against the grain for even pieces, ideal for tucking between bread or buns.


The point is fattier and has most of the connective tissue, which makes it ideal for chopped brisket or burnt ends. Often called the deckle, this piece of brisket is often separated from the flat and used by butchers to add fat into ground beef.

The deckle is actually the layer of fat between between the rib cage and the muscle that  makes up the brisket flat.

What’s the Beef?

We offer Angus beef brisket flat, and recently introduced whole Wagyu beef brisket at Choose the cut that serves your purpose best. The Angus beef brisket flat weighs 6 to 7 lbs. and is very fine for roasting or curing.

Angus Beef Brisket
Angus beef brisket flat, available at

The Wagyu brisket is a cut that chefs have appreciated for years, and we just added it to the website for home cooks.

D’Artagnan Wagyu Brisket offers exceptional taste and marbling. It stands up to hours of long braising or smoking. Unlike other briskets, it stays moist and tender without drying out, and keeps a deep, rich flavor. It’s always an attention grabber, and for that reason, our braised wagyu brisket, with mustard mashed fingerling potatoes, natural jus, mirepoix and pearl onion marmalade is always one of our top selling dishes.

-Chef William Tschoepe, Parc Bistro, Skippack, PA

Wagyu brisket is larger, at 11.5 lbs, and offers both muscles: the flat and the point. And because Wagyu beef is always fattier – on the intramuscular level – it will be quite tender and flavorful, as Chef William says. That texture means Wagyu brisket will also make fantastic corned beef and pastrami (we tried, and it was worth it!).

What to do with Brisket

Some of the very best deli sandwiches have brisket between the bread. If you like corned beef or pastrami, then brisket is your cut.

Corned beef sandwich at Katz’s Delicatessan in NYC, photo Timothy Boyd, flickr

When it’s not being cured for deli meat, or smoked – the choice of BBQ aficionados everywhere – brisket can make a very nice roast. This is a popular preparation for Jewish holiday meals, such as Passover. In this preparation, the brisket is slow cooked with moisture (red wine and beef stock) and aromatics until it becomes fall-apart tender.

DArtagnan brisket rect

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