Best Ever Easter Ham

What’s for Easter dinner? If you’re planning on ham, then have a look at our Applewood Smoked Heritage Ham.

We take our ham seriously. It begins with the heritage-breed pork we select, from hogs raised on pasture, without the use of antibiotics.

The old breeds are renowned for great taste and tenderness, which is perfect when you are making ham. That’s why there’s no need to inject our hams with dubious ingredients to boost their moisture and texture.

Ahem. Not pointing fingers, but some hams out there are all juiced up.

Instead, we keep it simple. We rub salt and sugar on the hind leg of a hog, and then smoke it over real applewood chips. There are no artificial flavors or liquid smoke.

Cured on the bone, the flavor is incredible. It’s a simple process, but the results are undeniably delectable.

What People Are Saying About Our Ham

We love to hear from happy customers. And there are many happy ham eaters that have made their voices heard.

Not just for Easter, this ham has a place at any meal, as Little P. found out.

The most delicious ham that keeps on giving. This ham is gorgeous…so delicious. It provides dinners, breakfasts, lunches…and a wonderful pea soup before it is over. 
– Little P. from Vermont
Thanks, JMH, for the review. We are happy to serve all your ham needs.
Will not buy any other ham. Wonderful ham. Not salty. Great value for the money as ham is lean and delicious.
– JMH from Pennsylvania
Since it’s fully cooked, the ham can be served cold, at room temperature or heated, with or without glaze. Drew roasted it low and slow…
I slow roasted this ham at 250 degrees for 7 hours. What little fat it had turned into juice, and the flavor was amazing, not too salty with just the right amount of smoke. Highly recommend.
– Drew from New York 
And Bon Appétit paid us the highest compliment by featuring our ham in the magazine several times.
For a recipe that requires so little actual cooking, the quality of your pork is of utmost importance. We effusively recommend D’Artagnan’s fresh applewood-smoked bone-in heritage ham.
– Bon Appétit
Bon Appetit Ham 2 Pages
When you shop for ham at this week, you will save $30. You can find that deal on our Applewood Smoked Heritage Ham right here.

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  1. The best ham available without question. Have served these twice for large functions, as well as at home and everyone in attendance has been blown away by the quality and superb flavor. Ease of preparation is a plus. The Best !!

    1. D'Artagnan says:

      Thanks for the rave review! We love hearing from you and hope you have another occasion to enjoy one of our hams soon.

  2. m37bruce says:

    We need to get a “Love ” button, I mean really.

    1. D'Artagnan says:

      Truly! Thanks for your comments and support.

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