Do Electrified Herbs Taste Better?

Breaking news in food science! Herbs just got better!

We love summer because of the abundance of fresh herbs. For the most part, dried herbs are reserved for winter meals. But what if there was a way to preserve more of that fresh herbal flavor?

Researchers at Sweden’s Lund University (established 1666) have found a way to shock fresh herbs and preserve their unique taste, even when dried.


How does it work? It seems that a light electric shock pulses through the leaves, which opens their pores and preserves their color and flavor. Watch the short video here.

This could be a cooking revelation. Imagine if the ineffable flavor of cilantro could actually be preserved when dried…

cilantro-1287301_1280.jpgIt’s better living through electricity, just as we were promised at the dawn of the electric era. We’re thinking about the implications for compound butters and roasted poultry with herbs. veal-chops-with-citrus-herb-butter-recipe

Will this technology ever make it to our kitchens, so we can zap fresh herbs after picking them from the garden? We have our fingers crossed.





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