Quail Eggs: Tiny but Mighty

Quail eggs are pretty on the outside and delicious on the inside…

Good things come in small shells. Lovely speckled brown shells, in this case. Quail eggs are a fraction the size of chicken eggs (5 quail eggs are equivalent to 1 chicken egg), but amazingly, pack more nutrients and minerals.

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Some consider them more delicious than chicken eggs, and they are enjoyed in many cuisines around the world. Our fresh quail eggs come from birds that are farm-raised in a free-range environment.

We think of these delicate little beauties as a necessity in the kitchen, and believe you’ll agree once you try them.

They are perfect for hors d’ouevre, canapés and garnishes. Think deviled eggs. Pickled eggs. Tiny fried eggs. There are so many ways to enjoy them.

Here are six ideas for cooking with quail eggs.

Adorable Little Devils

Quail eggs make the cutest little deviled eggs. They’re a great conversation starter and absolutely delicious – a surefire hit for your next party. Try a trio of deviled quail eggs: a simple version with smoked paprika, one with bacon and thyme and an earthy truffled variation.


Teeny Blinis & Caviar Eggs

Creamy, mild quail eggs are the perfect foil to salty caviar. Crown a blini with a dollop of crème fraiche, half of a hard-cooked quail egg and a spoon of caviar for an elegant hors d’oeuvre. Or skip the blini and just put the caviar on top of a deviled quail egg.

quail egg


Whether you call it egg-in-a-frame, sunshine toast, cowboy eggs, or frog in a hole, if you make the classic dish with quail eggs everyone will call it delicious. We like ours in a thin, round of brioche with black truffle butter, and in this Truffled Quail Eggs Toast recipe.


Golden Quail Egg Ravioli

Homemade pasta gets the gold treatment with a silky egg yolk hiding inside. Nestle a raw quail yolk in a little mound of herbed ricotta when filling ravioli. The yolk will cook gently as the pasta is dropped into boiling water, its center still molten upon serving. What a delicious surprise!

CitronCestRavioli Quail Eggs.jpg
Photo: Ravioli with porcini and quail egg, CitronCest blog

Super French Salads

Hard-cooked quail eggs are beautifully bite-sized in a classic Salad Niçoise. And when poached, the diminutive eggs are right at home with bacon lardons in a Lyonnaise-style salad.

plate of joy quail egg salad.jpg
Salad with quail eggs from Plate of Joy

Scotch Quail Eggs

These diminutive Scotch eggs are cute and delicious, perfect for Easter or any festive party. A golden shell gives way to flavorful wild boar sausage and a soft-boiled quail egg – they’re irresistible.


Fun Fact: The brown spots on a quail egg’s shell are unique to each hen, much like fingerprints are to humans.

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Are you a fan of quail eggs? How do you prepare them? Tell us here in the comments, or find us on social media. We love to talk about food, so tag @dartagnanfoods to start the conversation.

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  1. Those ravioli look amazing! Can we get the recipe for the filling (besides the quail egg, of course)!

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