Tom Colicchio’s Perfect Christmas Meal

Want to eat like Tom Colicchio at Christmas?  Take a page from the menu at his new restaurant, Fowler & Wells in New York City, which offers reinvented turn-of-the-century dishes.

Tasting Table got his Christmas meal plan, and there’s some very special pork at the center of his Christmas table: our exclusive Milk-fed Porcelet. Only available at, Porcelet is pork that is beyond tender and moist, from milk-fed suckling pigs.

In Colicchio’s recipe, the Porcelet loin is boned out, then stuffed and rolled into a succulent roast. Served with pork-apple sausage, cabbage and roasted turnips, Colicchio describes it as “a classic American dish that also happens to be great for a group.” The full recipe is here.

Feature-Porcelette-Loin-Recipe-Tom-Coliccho-Fowler-Wells Caption.jpg


We can also help with his Chestnut Agnolotti recipe, pasta stuffed with chestnuts and topped with black winter truffles. It’s truffle season and the price is good at the moment… so make it a memorable Christmas meal with a black winter truffle.


Tuber melanosporum, the black winter truffle

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