Anatomy of the Ultimate Burger

For us, the best burger always begins with a Wagyu beef patty. By the way, they are currently 40% off in our freezer sale … wink, wink.

You will elevate any burger when you start with this marvelous beef. Classic bacon cheeseburger with Wagyu?  Yep, it’s even better.

But we like our Ultimate Wagyu, Foie Gras and Truffle Burger recipe best of all.

Here’s what it takes to make this drool-worthy burger:

wagyu burger grid.jpg

It’s a simple enough process:

  1. Cram black truffle butter in the center of the burgers
  2. Sear or grill the burgers
  3. Sear the foie gras slices in a hot, dry pan
  4. Toast the buns and slather with truffle butter
  5. Assemble the burger

We even put together the Ultimate Burger Recipe Kit with the necessary ingredients so you can make this at home and feed four people.

Original recipe with brioche bun.

Extra credit: Truffle butter buns

Want out-of-this-world results? Make your own buns. Our Ultimate Burger recipe recommends brioche buns for their sweetness and soft texture, but these buttery homemade buns are one step up: dense, rich, and ever so subtly scented with black truffle.

Check out the super easy Truffle Butter Burger Buns recipe and achieve true burger dominance.

The 2 containers of truffle butter in the recipe kit should be enough to fill the burgers, make the burger buns, and allow for a little smear of fragrant butter on the buns. Can you get too much truffle butter? We think not.

If you want fries with that, be sure to try our Duck Fat French Fries. You won’t regret it.


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