The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

We’re wild about porcini mushrooms … and so is Martha Stewart! Our dried porcini mushrooms are on her list of 25 Food Gifts Under $50 That Make  Perfect Stocking Stuffers. How many foodies do you know who need a jar?

Martha Stewart Porcini Mushrooms.jpg

Why are dried porcini mushrooms such a good thing?  The uber-flavorful porcini acts like a tasty secret weapon in all savory endeavors. It’s an umami bomb.

Think of dried mushrooms as an extension of the spice cabinet—in other words, a kitchen essential. For spur-of-the-moment meals, or when your favorite fungi are out of season, there is nothing handier.

Our full collection of five types of mushrooms will make a welcome gift for the cook who has everything, individually or as a complete collection.

And our porcini powder, which is finely pulverized porcini, makes a wonderful addition to spice rubs, dredges, marinades, sauces, creamy dips, and soups. It’s magic dust that works on practically any recipe.


Read our blog post for ideas and tips on cooking with dried mushrooms.

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