Cooking with Dried Mushrooms

For spur-of-the-moment meals, or when your favorite fungi are out of season, there is nothing handier than a supply of dried mushrooms in the cupboard. We think of dried mushrooms as an extension of the spice cabinet—in other words, a kitchen essential.

Our dried mushroom collection features five types of wild mushrooms – porcini, chanterelle, morel, black trumpet and a mix of wild mushrooms – and will be there for you when you get inspired to cook with fungi.

And then there is porcini powder. This is just pure, pulverized dried porcini mushrooms, and it’s great to add to spice rubs, sauces, mushroom dishes, or anywhere you need a little extra umami.

Good to Know: Since much of the weight of a mushroom is moisture, a dried mushroom packs intense flavor. You can use fewer of them than you might when cooking with fresh.

Using Dried Mushrooms - How-To's & Tip –

Rehydrating Dried Mushrooms

To reconstitute mushrooms, rinse them and place the desired amount in a heat-proof bowl and cover with warm to hot (not boiling) water for about 20 minutes until soft and springy.

After they have rehydrated, drain them and keep the mushroom liquor, as the steeped liquid is called. You can strain in through a coffee filter of fine sieve to get rid of any mushroom crumbs left behind.

Use this mushroom nectar in sauces, soups, sautés, rice or pasta, to enrich the mushroom essence. You can reduce it, add an appropriate alcohol and finish with a lacing of cream or truffle butter. Save the mushroom liquor – freeze it in an ice cube tray for later use.

Duck Ragout with Dried Porcini Mushrooms

Just a few ideas for cooking with dried mushrooms

  • Stews & Soups … In a slow cooker or a soup pot, simply add soaked and chopped mushrooms along with mushroom liquor for deeply-infused fungi flavor.
  • Praise the Braise … Along with the rehydrated mushrooms, the mushroom liquor will infuse any braise liquid with extra umami.
  • Silky Sauces … Cream sauces love chanterelles, and those apricot-scented golden mushrooms seem to return the favor.
  • Pasta the Porcini … This Rabbit and Papardelle Pasta recipe benefits from a mix of dried porcini and fresh mushrooms, as does this Pasta with Foie Gras and Wild Mushrooms.
  • A Good Egg … Be it omelets, frittatas, scrambled eggs or quiche, practically any dried mushroom will complement eggs.
  • Magic Powder … Porcini powder is the secret to imparting the full power of the porcini mushroom into spice rubs, dredges, sautés, creamy dips, sauces and anywhere you want a little magic. We used it in our Ultimate Wild Mushroom Buffalo Burger.
  • Add a mushroom kick to your favorite mac ‘n’ cheese recipe with finely chopped, dried black trumpets or morels.

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