The Most Shared Recipe?

You know it’s fall when everyone is sharing recipes for vegetables with bacon. Gone are the salads and crudites. Hello, warming dishes sprinkled with bacon.

So here it is – the most popular recipe on our website this week: Cider-Braised Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Apple, which uses seasonal favorites like apple cider and tart apples to add depth of flavor. And there is bacon, of course. Feel free to add more than called for in the recipe.


Other things that go well with bacon: apples and yams. This is a totally autumnal dish. Try our recipe for Baked Yams with Apple and Bacon now, and reprise it for Thanksgiving.


While it has a lot of cream and some breadcrumbs, this is technically a potato and leek recipe. Enhanced, of course, by diced ventrèche, our unsmoked bacon. This gratin  makes the perfect side dish for an autumn meal.


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