Inc. Magazine Feature on Ariane and 35 Years of D’Artagnan

This week Inc. magazine hit the stands with a cover story on female founders of American businesses. Among the 100 entrepreneurs profiled, D’Artagnan founder Ariane Daguin is featured as a food pioneer. Read on for the story of Ariane and D’Artagnan and a link to the full article.

Ariane Says Keep (Good) Meat on the Plate

These days there are so many buzzwords on packaging, that the average consumer is often confused about how to select the best food for their health and that of the environment. Ariane knows a lot about this subject and sounds off on eating meat, the environmental consequences, industrial farming, the bewildering labels on meat, and a happy solution…

What Are the Top Meat Trends for 2017?

Ariane has the answers! She was on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero of The Wall Street Journal, and outlined the top four changes and trends in the food industry. Watch the video here. These trends are things D’Artagnan has been doing for over 30 years, and the world has begun to catch up. Consumer interest in…

Game Day Eats: Top 5 Snacks Foods for Super Sunday

What are you eating on game day? Score a major win with our recipes for every kind of game-viewing party, from snacks and bites to full-on hearty meals. And save 15% right now on both our Game Day and Charcuterie collections. Top 5 Snacks Foods for Super Sunday 1. Super pigs in a blanket. Because our…

Interview with Ariane in The Village Voice

Ariane talked to Laura Shunk at The Village Voice recently. Here’s the story of the early days at D’Artagnan and the philosophy behind what we do. Get the low-down on organic chicken, heritage-breed pork and the state of  meat in general. So go ahead, take a peek inside Ariane’s head in this interview.