Support Lupiac, the Birthplace of D’Artagnan

Lupiac is home to a new equestrian statue of our hero D’Artagnan. Help this little town in Southwest France raise enough money to beautify their central square where the statue resides.

Click through to the campaign and scroll past the French for the English language version … and then contribute to this good cause. Your tax deductible donation will help Mayor Veronique Thieux turn an asphalt square into a beautiful gathering place, and a fitting home for the statue.Capture

Where is Lupiac?

Lupiac is a small town of only about 300 people in the Gers department of Southwest France, just a few miles down the road from Auch, Ariane’s hometown and the capital of Gascony.


Lupiac is best known as the birthplace of the real life D’Artagnan. Charles de Batz de Castelmore, lord of La Plagne, count d’Artagnan, was born about 1613 and left Lupiac when he was only 17 to join the king’s army: the musketeers. He was an inspiration to Alexandre Dumas, who included him in his famous tale The Three Musketeers, which is probably why the whole world knows his name all these years later.

Ariane, Father, D'Artagnan Statue
Ariane and Andre Daguin with the statue of D’Artagnan in Auch, France.

The Legacy of D’Artagnan

D’Artagnan continues to be an inspiration to those from his region, including Ariane. In 1985 she named her company after him, hoping to impart some of the brashness, bravery and panache that D’Artagnan embodied. And it meant she could always wear a plume in her hat.

As an example of the devotion shown to our hero, Lupiac comes alive each August with a D’Artagnan festival. Hundreds of costumed people recreate a fair as it would have been during D’Artagnan’s era, with swordplay, horses, music and craftsmen.

Learn more about Lupiac and plan your visit to one of the loveliest corners of France.


Link to the crowdfunding campaign here, and give whatever you can. By contributing you become part of the legacy and history of D’Artagnan. All for one, and one for all! Tous pour un, un pour tous! 

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