Your New Year’s Fête Needs these 2 Ingredients

What are the two most popular items for New Year’s Eve celebrations? They would have to be a fresh black winter truffle and French caviar. No need for black-tie formality this year – you can enjoy these luxe ingredients from the comfort of home on New Year’s Eve.

How to Serve Your Caviar

Our French caviar is high-quality, lightly salted, and full of fresh, briny flavor. It doesn’t need much in the way of accompaniments. Enjoy it simply atop a round of brioche toast, unsalted cracker or blini, bite-sized pancakes made of wheat or buckwheat flour. We have some caviar recipes to guide you, including this epic creamy pasta dish which is the perfect comfort food for the evening.

To set a classic caviar service – seen below – include blini, chopped chives, and hard-boiled eggs (you may serve yolk and white separately), capers, crème fraîche, and diced onions for a range of accompaniments. 

What to Do With Your Truffle

The simplest way to enjoy a fresh truffle is to slice it paper-thin with a mandoline or truffle shaver. These thin shavings can be placed under the skin of any poultry before roasting. Lay fresh slices on top of cooked beefpork, or game meats. Or try the classic recipe for Tournedos Rossini, a filet mignon with foie gras and truffles on top – the perfect New Year’s dinner for two. Grate truffles into wine or cream-based sauces, or shave them onto cooked pasta, scrambled eggs, or potato dishes.

Here’s an easy, cheesy idea: truffled brie. Cut a wheel of brie down the middle, lengthwise. Depending on the size of the wheel, slice most of a black winter truffle, and chop or grate a portion of it. Mix the chopped truffle with softened mascarpone cheese and a touch of salt. Layer the mascarpone mixture on one half of the brie, and the truffle slices on the other side.

Bring them together neatly, like a truffle sandwich with brie instead of bread. Wrap in parchment paper or cling wrap and age it for a day in the refrigerator for the truffle flavor to infuse with the cheese and cream. Serve with slices of baguette or simple crackers, and spread the goodness.

We have a limited supply of these culinary treasures this time of year. Shop the rest of the catalog and plan for your New Year’s celebration.

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