This is Why You Should Invite Charcuterie to Your Summer Parties

Our ready-to-eat charcuterie makes an instant party and is a must-have for summer gatherings, from small to large. Charcuterie is fully cooked, simple to serve and makes a beautiful presentation when paired with fruits, nuts, cheeses of all kinds, chutneys, pickles, olives, honey, and truffle butter. Read on to see how charcuterie can be a delicious part of your summer plans.

D’Artagnan offers a selection of charcuterie, such as smoked duck breastsaucisson secjambon de Bayonneduck rillettespâté, and mousse – all are perfect for making a  platter for a group, or for serving two on a Friday night with a bottle of rosé. We offer charcuterie collections for 4, 8, or 12 people – ideal for bringing to a party, or for hosting one. You too can create a sumptuous charcuterie board with varied textures and colors – just like the ones you see on Instagram.

Charcuterie for 12 kit
The largest D’Artagnan charcuterie kit for 12 people offers many delights.

Start with a beautiful slate slab that is finished for food, or get untreated slate tiles at a hardware store. These inexpensive tiles often come in 12-inch squares, which are perfect for large charcuterie and cheese spreads. Wash them well, then scatter the slate between wooden boards, marble slabs, and plates. Slate gets extra points for the fact that you can write on it with chalk to identify the items being served.

Our cheese and charcuterie pairings on a slate board. 

Charcuterie is often served on a wooden cutting board. If you have a large enough board that is presentable for serving, use it. Surround it with baskets, wooden bowls, and small trays of crackers, bread, pickles, olives, and fruits. Small Mason jars are useful for jams, olives, mustard, or anything spreadable.

Olive wood boards are quite beautiful and widely available.

The bark or live edge of a cutting board brings rusticity and texture to the table. You can purchase raw-edged wood boards from any number of places, but there’s an easy way to DIY with a slab from a craft store, as demonstrated in this project.

We like this 3-foot-long charcuterie board in the center of a table at the blog  Apartment 34.

Narrow boards the length of your table are a dramatic, and practical, way to serve charcuterie at a party because everyone can access the spread. If you don’t have a cutting board that long, head to a home improvement store and buy raw wood boards, have them cut to size, and sand and finish at home. You will get the exact length needed for your table at a reasonable price.

Learn more about composing the perfect charcuterie board on our blog, and take it to the next level with our cheese and charcuterie pairing post.

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