This is Why You Should Invite Charcuterie to Your Summer Parties

Our ready-to-eat charcuterie makes an instant party and is a must-have for summer gatherings, from small to large. Charcuterie is fully cooked, simple to serve and makes a beautiful presentation when paired with fruits, nuts, cheeses of all kinds, chutneys, pickles, olives, honey, and truffle butter. Read on to see how charcuterie can be a delicious part of your summer plans.

7 Simple Gourmet Appetizer Ideas For a Summery Cocktail Hour

Create your own happy hour when entertaining at home this summer. Serving aperitifs allows your guests to unwind and mingle a bit before the meal. Consider it the party before the party. Traditionally aperitifs are refreshing, light beverages like Champagne or a cocktail with Lillet, Dubonnet, Campari, or perhaps St. Germain. You may serve small…